Plan Your Dreams

A minimalistic Planner for Maximized effectiveness

The Secret To Getting Ahead Is...

The Life Ultimate Planner is designed for anyone who wants to make their life count for more. It is a tool, a road map to be successful. The Life Ultimate Planner will help you create alignment with your life priorities. You will have increased confidence with decision making. You will find yourself in the drivers seat of life, feel organized and respected as an inspirational leader. It is the planner designed for people who love to plan, as well as those who need help planning. Start slow, set your own pace, but commit to it and watch your life become more manageable and productive.

Not just another Planner

Big Value #1

The Life Ultimate Planner helps to Balance the Activities of Life with Priority and Goal Setting Tools

Big Value #2

Its Simple Design gives you options to make the Life Ultimate Planner uniquely yours.

Big Value #3

This Planner has Everything you need to accomplish a life of purpose

Big Value #4

The Life Ultimate Planner has the power to make more time in your day for what’s important to you.

65 Years In the making

A Planner That Actually Works!

Cheryl created the Life Ultimate Planner after years of trial and error. She would spend hours every year looking for a new planner with just the right format. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she would give up and modify the planner she purchased to suit her needs. As a life and business coach since 2009, she included all the most powerful tools she had learned from coaching clients on Time Management.
the best planner is the one that gets used

Making your Dreams a Reality

The Life Ultimate Planner was designed to consider Body, Mind, and Spirit. The whole person is much stronger than the sum of its parts. Everyone is different and no one process works for everyone. This Planner is designed to provide elements that work for anyone, but certainly not all elements will work for everyone. The best planner is the one you actually use, so take what you like and disregard the rest. This is easy to do with the Life Ultimate Planner, by choosing the features that most appeal to you.

Sample Pages

When you purchase a full year…

You will be gifted the “Life Ultimate Planner Companion”
This stand alone companion is filled with Tips and Tricks for Time Management and Getting the Most from Your Life Ultimate Planner. It serves two purposes. First, it illustrates how to use all the features of the Life Ultimate Planner. Second, it includes a series of worksheets for planning goals around your priorities. There are also note sheets included to record important thoughts and ideas.

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